Mulching is one of the best things you can do for the plants, shrubs and trees at your home. It forms an insulating blanket around the roots protecting them from heat and cold while giving your garden an attractive appearance.

The quality and type of mulch plays an important role in plant health. Mulch not only keeps the visible areas of your planting beds and around tree bases looking beautiful, it also has a multitude of benefits for what lies beneath. From protecting your soil, to discouraging weed growth, the benefits of mulching are plentiful.
Applying mulch also helps to retain soil moisture and when it begins to break down, it adds key nutrients back into the soil.

We offer mulching services as part of landscape maintenance. Our detail-oriented staff will edge your beds to a depth of about 4” and then apply mulch, creating a crisp, defined line between the lawn and planting beds. Proper edging prevents the lawn from growing into the beds.

Professional Residential and Commercial Mulching and Mulch Bed Services

Mulching acts like a protective cover for the soil. Mulch allows your garden to retain and conserve moisture and can help prevent and reduce weed growth. Besides adding beauty and order to a flower bed, a layer of mulch provides many other benefits, such as protection to the plants root systems, adding much needed nutrients to the soil, and slowing erosion. Another positive of a freshly mulched bed is how it changes the functionality and curb appeal of a property. Mulching flower beds provides contrast between the soil, plants and flowers and gives the landscape a finished look. As the season progresses, the mulch stabilizes temperature and moisture.

What Does Mulch Do?

Mulch serves several purposes in your garden, including the following:

  • conserves soil moisture so you don’t have to water as often
  • reduces the number of weeds
  • minimizes soil erosion
  • keeps the roots of plants cool
  • protects the plants from temperature extremes
  • increases the attractiveness of the garden
  • makes mowing the lawn easier as tree trunks and surface roots are protected from mower damage

We typically install mulch at the beginning of the growing season and reapply it through the summer or fall, as necessary.

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